How Bespoke Conservatory Blinds Can Enhance Your Conservatory

A picture of a hand pulling down conservatory blinds to expose sunlight

We here at Controlux Limited absolutely love conservatories; serving both a functional and aesthetic purpose, they add value to your property and provide extra living space without the need to relocate. One thing that we often observe is that people don’t properly invest in quality blinds for their conservatory. Today, we review how bespoke conservatory blinds can truly enhance a conservatory space for our customers based in; Kingston; Walton on Thames; Esher; Twickenham; Wimbledon; Surbiton; and Richmond.

Reduce Glare

As much as we welcome blue skies and lots of sunshine – a rare occurrence for British weather – all of that sunlight is amplified by the glass that makes up most of your conservatory, producing a glare that results in a room that is far too bright to comfortably enjoy on pleasant days. Using made to measure conservatory blinds, however, allows you to significantly reduce and even eliminate glare, no matter the position of the sun or the time of day. After all, there is nothing more inconvenient that having to move around the room to avoid blinding sunlight!

Prevent Fading

Furniture and fabric that is exposed to strong sunlight – particularly in a conservatory environment – will soon begin to fade, the intensity of the beams tarnishing their look and quality. Protect your upholstery, carpets, wallpaper, and other decorative items by installing conservatory blinds, which will not only help to reduce the impact of harsh sunlight on the interior features of your room but also prevent the unattractive consequences of uneven fading.

Temperature Control

Building a conservatory in your home is undoubtedly an investment, therefore, why would you want to spend time and money creating an area that is simply too cold in the winter and far too hot in the summer months? Without having made to measure conservatory blinds installed to help regulate the temperature of your conservatory, you may well find the space uncomfortable and frequently unusable. Blinds offer complete flexibility when it comes to controlling the environment of your conservatory; retain as much heat and insulation as possible during the colder periods of the year and introduce as much shading as required when it starts to gets warmer. You can enjoy your conservatory year-round thanks to the benefits of made to measure conservatory blinds.

Design Feature

Having exposed glass windows and ceilings can often make your conservatory seem unfinished; conservatory blinds come in a range of fabrics and designs to complement and augment your space, working seamlessly with your existing decor to really complete the room. What’s more, blinds are stylish and sophisticated, helping to make your conservatory more flexible and transform the space as required – for example, from a place to relax and unwind to the perfect environment in which to entertain guests.

Privacy and Security

If you live in a built up area with neighbours that overlook your house and garden, you may feel as though you don’t have the privacy that you deserve. Being predominantly composed of glass, your conservatory will, unfortunately, allow others to see into your home; this is not only a privacy but a security concern, as your possessions are in full sight of potential thieves. Utilising bespoke conservatory blinds will give back that much-needed privacy and keep your prized items out of sight from unsavoury characters.


Here at Controlux Limited, we have worked with a range of customers to install stunning conservatory blinds across areas such as: Twickenham; Walton on Thames; Esher; Surbiton; Kingston; Richmond; and Wimbledon. To learn more about our range of vertical, Venetian, and roller blinds, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and professional team. Call us now on 0800 955 6088 or complete our quick and simple online query form.