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Blinds vs Curtains: Why Blinds Come out on Top

Posted on: July 12th, 2017 by active

A picture of a dining room setup effectively incorporating blinds
White bread vs brown bread, FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid, Harry Potter vs Lord Voldemort … life is full of rivalries and debates. The battle to prove who’s “right” or “better” is one that stretches far beyond the boundaries of fiction and sport, though. Take home decor, for example – the battle of blinds vs curtains is one that often manifests itself in newly rented apartments or recently renovated living rooms. Here, Controlux highlights some of the reasons blinds come out on top every time.


One of the main advantages of blinds over curtains is the amount of light control they provide. Having the ability to tilt slats, allowing different degrees of light through the window, means you can control the level of natural light in any given room at various times throughout the day. Curtains, on the other hand, are either open or shut. Although they can be opened partially, the full force of the sun is always able to shine through that opening.


There is more scope for variation with blinds. While curtains do come in a range of thicknesses, and can be patterned, their style is generally more fixed. Both in material and aesthetics, blinds provide you with a lot of scope for showcasing your own, personal taste. With roller blinds, venetian blinds, and pleated blinds all offering something a little bit different, you can opt for a style that suits you.


This point’s a little similar to our last point, but still worth emphasising. Blinds can fit into almost any shape of window, meaning you won’t have excess material hanging over windowsills and onto the floor. Furthermore, rather than having to match everything in your room into the theme set by curtains, the subtlety of blinds allows you to take things in any direction you’d like.


Many people want more space in their rooms. While blinds won’t bring you any actual space, they can create the illusion of it. By not dominating the room, and thanks to their minimalist style, they create the impression of a much roomier living area.


Blinds are incredibly easy to clean and maintain, too. There’s no need to buy a bigger washing machine to keep them clean and presentable; simply wiping them or dusting them down from time to time will do more than suffice most of the time. Dry cleaning is often necessary with curtains, and we all know how inconvenient the process can be!

Blinds vs Curtains: Our Stance

Clearly, we’re on the side of the blinds in this particular blinds vs curtains debate. If you share our views on the matter, then we’ve been supplying blinds to the Greater London area for a number of years. Check out our website to see what products we have on offer, or contact us by calling 0800 955 6088; alternatively, fill out one of our online contact forms.

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