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Which Awnings Will Suit Your Home?

Posted on: June 12th, 2017 by active

Picture of red awnings
In a previous post, Controlux Limited looked at the different types of awnings available to homeowners. Here, we’re getting a little more personal and tailored. We’ll be considering which awnings are best suited to a particular style of property, or to an overall taste.


Conservatory awnings are best suited to people who … have conservatories. All joking aside, with a large number of homeowners in Britain having a conservatory or a variation on that theme included in their home, conservatory awnings were definitely worth mentioning. Their primary function is to deflect the glare and heat of the sun a little, so if you love your conservatory but find the temperature and brightness too much, awnings are a great option. They can also help your conservatory to blend in with the rest of your house and, if you choose the right colour, can fit in perfectly with your garden.

Patio awnings

Deciding which awnings to use for your patio can be tough. Size, colour, and style are all significant variables, for which there are a vast number of options. Much of what you decide will depend on how your house, garden, and windows look. For example, if your house has a simple, plain exterior, then opting for a colourful, patterned awning could provide a nice contrast. Equally, considering how colourful your garden is could influence your decision. If you have lots of lavender, white or purple awnings could complement them perfectly. If you’re looking to match colours, ensure that they do match; you don’t want your awnings and their surroundings to be out by a shade.


As we have previously mentioned, there are a wide variety of awning styles available. Whether the awnings you’re looking at are striped, plain, or patterned, it is always important to consider the overall effect it will have. Striped awnings can suit a plan house exterior very well, just as plainer styles can prove effective alongside a busier surrounding area.
Hopefully, this post has given you a few ideas about which awnings will best suit your requirements. While the summer has hardly been the perfect advert for outdoor exploits thus far, we’re still holding out some hope. To find out more about our products, head over to our website. Alternatively you can call us on 0800 955 6088 or fill out our online contact form.

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