Summer Plans and The Awning That Saves Them

Awnings are fantastic for allowing you to spend hours on end in the garden without crisping up, as well as providing much needed shelter when the rain comes to join the party. Here are the top events that can be saved when you invest in an Awning.


The ultimate outside shindig; nothing says summer more to us Brits than a beer and a burger. Yet we all know that our British summers are 15% Sunshine and 85% rain. By incorporating an awning to the exterior of your property the BBQ can be saved in the unfortunate event that the rain decides to make an unplanned appearance.

The Indoor Explorer

The deep dark secret of some summer-time Brits is that they don’t actually like the heat. While many are high-fiving over temperatures hitting double figures, there are some who simply grin and bear it. An awning is the perfect way to enjoy the sunshine without suffering the heat – everyone’s a winner.

Summer Walks By A Canal

No matter how hot it gets, everyone’s shoes still get mucky when talking a walk down the canal to feed the ducks. Storing your shoes outside while the mud dries is the perfect way to keep carpets clean, and even if it starts to rain once you are all home; the awning will ensure your shoes stay dry.

A Trip To Italy – Via The Back Door

Let’s face it, holidays during the summer months don’t come cheap. So instead, invite your best friend over, get the coffee brewing and sit outside under the awning (or the Italian café’s awning) and throw around some Italian phrases. It’s the next best thing to

Whatever you choose for your summer entertainment, investing in a quality awning is definitely worth the money when you think of the endless fun you can have without having to rely on the weather. For more on our products, and to get yours fitted in time for the summer break, view our awnings page or call us on 0800 955 6088.