Tips for Looking After Wooden Blinds

Tips for Looking After Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds look fantastic is most settings, which is one of the reasons why homeowners up and down the country have had them fitted in their homes; they are visually aesthetic and can be used to enhance the overall interior design in many homes. However, one aspect that property owners tend to struggle with is the cleaning and maintenance of wooden blinds, which is why we here at Controlux have devised this helpful guide filled to the brim with useful tips on how to look after your wooden blinds Epsom.

Tip One: Wipe Clean

Wooden blinds should be treated with care, as the wood is susceptible to excess moisture and temperature changes which can make the wood warp. To tackle this, you should avoid using wet cloths when cleaning the wooden slats, and instead use a dry cloth wherever possible and a slightly damp cloth to remove those stubborn marks.

Tip Two: Sideways Motion

Unwind the wooden slats down so that they are almost closed and gently move from one side to the other; this will clean the majority of the slat. Once you have finished, you should then open and close the blinds so that you are faced with the other side of the slats and then use the same motion as before. You should not wipe the wooden slats up and down as this can cause the slats to unhinge themselves.

Tip Three: Regular Maintenance

Rather than leaving it for a long period of time, we at Controlux would strongly advise a ‘little and often’ technique, whereby you wipe down the slats whenever the opportunity arises. If you leave it for a long time, dirt will build up and this will require the use of harsh chemicals which could in turn damage your slats.

As professional retailers of wooden blinds Epsom, we here at Controlux are able to supply you with the perfect set of window blinds to complement your interior design London and a few handy tips on how to keep them clean.

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