Top 3 Ways to Keep the Heat in Your Home

Top 3 Ways to Keep the Heat in Your Home

Winter is well and truly here bringing with it freezing temperatures, crunchy grass and sparkly cars. For many of us it also brings with it the worry of the first heating bill dropping through the letterbox demanding to be paid. With energy bills rising every year it’s essential we do everything we can to trap that precious hit in our homes!

1. Winter Windows:

Go and stand by your windows and you’ll probably notice that it’s much cooler there than it would be in the middle of the room. You can lose a lot of heat through your windows so it’s important that they’re double glazed. Another great method for keeping out the cold and making sure the heat stays in your room is a set of good quality blinds. The blinds will act as an insulator and stop heat escaping out your windows. As well as adding that splash of colour into your room

2. Draughty Doors:

If your door is getting a bit worn or it doesn’t quite fit properly any more this can mean that heat is escaping out of your door or creating a draught in your hallways. Like with your windows it’s a good idea to ensure any glass is double glazed, most modern doors are now made with insulating material. Draught excluders are also a great way of stopping any cold air getting in and hot air getting out.

3. Floors and lofts:

Wooden flooring looks beautiful and elegant in any home but it can feel a bit chilly on your feet in the winter. Invest in some nice thick rugs to help insulate your home. Another thing to check it that the underlay under your carpets is still in good condition as this can affect the heat in your home too.

In winter, you’re always told to wear a hat as your head is the thing that loses the most heat. Your home is the same, heat rises and therefore your loft needs to be well insulated so all that heat doesn’t just disappear.

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