What Styles Of Commercial Blinds Are Available?

When you’re decorating your new offices or thinking about refurbishing your existing offices, you need to consider how your decoration will influence what your potential and existing customers will view your company. Will your potential clients view you as a fresh, dynamic, forward thinking company with new ideas or a near obsolete company with an outdated, archaic approach to business? They say that you should never judge a book by its cover but your clients will undoubtedly be judging your company the second they walk through the door. Here at Controlux Blinds we know what an important role your blinds will play in the overall appearance of your office; we provide have an impressive collection of commercial blinds in Kingston upon Thames to ensure that your interior design accurately reflects your company.

So what styles of commercial blinds can you choose from?

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have been a popular choice in commercial properties for a long time and with good reason; these blinds are highly practical and easy to clean and maintain to a high standard. That doesn’t mean that they’re outdated however, as here at Controlux Blinds we use the latest and highest quality materials to produce an elegant, simple and fresh look.

Venetian Blinds

These classic blinds can help you to create a high-end, professional look in your offices and boardrooms thanks to their sleek, more luxurious appearance. Our venetians blinds, in the same way as vertical blinds, are practical and easy to maintain and will give you excellent light control.

Roller Blinds

You’re more likely to associate roller blinds with home decoration but choosing these blinds for your offices can create a personal, warm feel while maintaining the level of professionalism and consistency that you need from your office decoration.

Here at Controlux Blinds we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect blinds for your commercial property in our quality collection. If you would like any additional information, feel free to contact us today; alternatively, why not visit our showroom to see what blinds are available to you for yourself?