Why Should I Choose Roller Blinds for My Home?

Wooden roller blinds in modern property

If you are looking to update your windows and want to explore something a bit different to the usual curtain solution, why not consider roller blinds? Here at Controlux Limited, we have installed stunning roller blinds in properties all over Walton on Thames, Wimbledon, Kingston, Twickenham, Esher, Richmond, and Surbiton. Below, we take a look at just some of the many benefits of installing roller blinds in your home:


Insulation and Shade

Quality roller blinds are specially designed to serve multiple functions for your room; they can provide much-needed insulation during the winter months, helping to minimise heat loss and keep your property warm. When it is bright outside, your roller blinds can utilise specialised sunlight fabrics in order to prevent glare and UV rays whilst still allowing you to enjoy the sun. Alternatively, choosing blackout fabrics for your roller blinds allows you to achieve complete darkness in the room.

To enjoy the best of both worlds, why not consider installing dual roller blinds – fitted on the same mount – to benefit from the advantages of both fabrics? What’s more, you can retain an element of privacy in your home by quickly and easily closing your roller blinds rather than having to draw the curtains each and every time.


Perfectly complementing the existing interior of your property or acting as a standout feature in your living space, roller blinds look stunning in any room. A flexible option for many customers, roller blinds fit closely and precisely to your window to boast a clean and contemporary aesthetic, coming in a range of designs, colours, and fabrics to suit every requirement and budget. They look fantastic in every room, whether you choose to install them in your kitchen, bedroom, living room or dining room.

Ease of Use

Opening and closing your blinds should be fast and easy, not a struggle. This is precisely why roller blinds are the perfect solution for your windows; coming in a range of operating choices, you can decide between motorised, spring assisted roller blinds or manually adjustable roller blinds depending on your personal preference. Whether you decide that a simple pulling chain is easiest or would prefer to go more high tech with a special switch, there is an ideal roller blind option for your home.


Should you decide to invest in new blinds for your property, you want the reassurance that they will stand up to everyday use and, therefore, last for many years. Roller blinds are extremely durable, utilising strong fabrics and thoroughly tested operating systems to ensure that they truly stand the test of time. Furthermore, they are carefully designed to ensure that their fabric will not fade under the harsh effects of the sun.


Controlux Limited are proud to offer exceptional quality roller blinds to both domestic and commercial customers across Wimbledon, Richmond, Kingston, Surbiton, Esher, Walton on Thames, and Twickenham. If you have any questions for our friendly team then please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 020 3044 2988 or, alternatively, fill in our quick and simple online form.