Different Types of Awnings for Your Home

A picture of one of the different styles of awnings: window

A wide variety of awning styles and shapes are available. From crescent-shaped designs to dome styles, the pattern and shape of awnings can be tailored to suit its purpose. More broadly, though, there is also a wide variety of different uses for them. Ranging from portable designs to fixed, retractable ones, they can serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose.


Patio Awnings are hugely popular during the summer months. Being able to relax outside without worrying about getting sunburned is an important part of enjoying the sunshine. Furthermore, an awning will protect your patio furniture from rain and adverse weather. Although it might keep you fit, running backwards and forwards, bringing your tables and chairs inside every time there’s a downpour probably isn’t what you want to be doing.


Fixed canopies over windows not only add style to otherwise sparse window panes, but also provide excellent shade without cutting out the daylight entirely. Sun can be a pain at certain times of the day; if it creeps in through your living room window it can prevent you from sitting in your favourite seats. While closing blinds entirely would cut out the sunlight entirely, an awning provides shade and still maintains some natural light.


Awnings that can be transported from place to place are really useful. They essentially work like large umbrellas, but are very convenient to pitch up wherever you need, and don’t require a holder. If you’re having a garden party and want to provide a grassy area that’s out of the direct sunlight, a portable source of shade would be a great option.


Sometimes, you might not want your awnings on display. If the weather’s not so good, you might not want it to damage your canopy, or if it’s the winter you might not need it for a while. In these instances, it’s really useful to be able to put your awning away easily. Rather than taking it down, retractable shades allow you to fold the mechanism back into the house, keeping it safe and out of the way. The ease with which you can extend or fold up retractable awnings makes them one of the more convenient styles for patios.

With a great number of different styles of awnings available, we are confident that we can find you the right design for your needs. If you would like to learn more about the awnings we have to offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can fill out one of our online contact forms, or get hold of us on 0800 955 6088 or 020 3044 2988.