Top Interior Design Trends For Winter 2015 / 2016

As winter sets in the anticipation of new design trends come our way. By altering the colour scheme of your accessories, a fresh look is available with both minimal effort and effect on your purse strings. Read on to discover how making a few alterations can have a huge effect on your property.

Colour schemes:

Interior design with grey walls

Silver, among shades of grey, is the go-to colour this season. Pair it with splashes of black and you will have a dynamic duo that contrast each other beautifully. If you aren’t a fan of silver, then your second option is to incorporate any other metallic colour into your scheme.

Wallpaper is back by popular demand, so an additional option is to aim for a neutral base with stencils of metallic-coloured patterns for a stylish effect. Remember, when it comes to metallics, less is always more.


Interior design with metallic feature

Plant pots and furniture that look fabulous both inside and out should be high on your Christmas list this year. According to Macala Wright, “bringing the outdoors in” will be a running theme throughout the coming year.

Artisan goods will also be featured in next year’s trends, so anything hand-crafted is sure to go down a treat. Whether that involves grabbing your crochet needle, or opting for regular visits to the local crafts fair; intersperse these goods with run-of-the-mill shop brought products and your living space will definitely be ticking all the interior design boxes.

Interior design with outdoor furniture

Consider changing your blinds to next seasons trend now, as they are known to be great insulators and may help you refrain from turning the heat up a little while longer. By choosing either a metallic pattern or a simple black colour, the style will last straight through to next winter.

At Controlux, we provide the highest quality made-to-measure blinds; and will be more than happy to help you find the perfect design to keep you on trend throughout the coming year.

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